The older i get, the more attune i get to my own need to take greater care — of not only myself, but of my community. this year, then, i’m resolving to take more care.

1. Take care of my brain:
a) read more and more diversely
b) listen more carefully, especially to those with whom i disagree or to those i don’t understand

2. Take care of my body:
a) eat. at least twice. every damned day. more if possible.
b) more tea, less coffee; more water, less booze
c) sleep

3. Take care of my spirit:
a) spend more time and effort on people and relationships that feel mutual and loving, less of those things on relationships that seem one-sided or undermining
b) encounter more art of all sorts
c) work to better manage anxiety and depression
d) walk, at least an hour a day

4. Take care of my ambition:
a) finish the draft of the poetry manuscript
b) outline novel
c) submit things, at least twice a month, more if possible
d) find out what it would take to become a therapist, take a step

5. Take care of my community:
a) attend more literary events
b) volunteer, more and more effectively
c) reach out to offer help and solidarity or, just as importantly, to ask for the same
d) super-secret-squirrel project with Jessica