It’s the last week of The Penelopiad’s run at the RMTC Warehouse. It’s a fantastic show, and if you’re in Winnipeg, you should check it out.

Erin at Naturally Ella writes about loving food and about her new projects.

From Le Figaro, here’s an article (in French) about eating vegetarian in Paris. When I was there, I remember there not being terribly many options (now it looks like there are more), but everything I ate was fantastic.

Slightly Bookist reviews 14 by Jean Echenoz and talks about reading in a foreign language. Interestingly, we have entirely different approaches in that, whenever I’m reading in whatever language, all my other languages are bouncing around inside my head and up against the text. This is a fairly new development for me, and it means I read much more slowly now than I used to. I think, though, that it makes me a better translator than I used to be as well.

Finally, a recording of Neil Gaiman reading his new project, A Calendar of Tales. His is a voice I could listen to for hours.