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(Barring a total meltdown, it’ll be done later today!)

We got back from visiting family just after the New Year only to find that my orchid, which I thought was well and truly deceased, had bloomed. Joy!


Some things about writing:

In this letter, from a month after Tender is the Night was published, Ernest Hemingway tells F. Scott Fitzgerald that “what we are supposed to do when we are at our best—make it all up—but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way.”

And this essay in The Rumpus reminds me of the best sort of poem, the sort I wish I could write all the time.

& some things about food:

s. e. smith writes about the accessibility of fresh food.

Saleema Nawaz on National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and her forthcoming novel Bone and Bread

Sarah DiGregorio’s essay about her mother’s death.

Roger Ebert interviews Anna Thomas: mushroom soup, Love Soup, and how she came to be a cookbook writer.

What’s your kitchen zen? Mine’s making (and kneading) bread.

Some (vegan) recipes that I want to try: Lentil and Coconut Soup and Cashew Cream

& a not vegan recipe I’m looking forward to one weekend morning: Baked Grapefruit topped with Meringue

On the Negroni, one of my favorite cocktails

& finally, on the subject of neither writing nor food:

Greta Christina writes about Project Runway and the intersection of fashion and gender expectations.